Project Task Details Page

The project task details page is displayed when you save the details of the task or when you click on the title of a task on the PROJECT OBJECTIVE page.

This page consists of the following sections:

  • This section summarises the general task details.     Click on one of the field names to edit the details.
  • The STATUS field also has a colour indicator to enable you to quickly ascertain progress, as follows:
  • WHITE = yet to start
  • BLUE = on track
  • GREEN = completed
  • RED = overdue
  • YELLOW = suspended/cancelled
  • This section details the personnel (those people set up as USERS on your system) you have linked to the task.
  • Use the section menu to add/remove personnel.
  • This section enables you to record the progress made on the task.
  • Use the section menu to add/amend/delete progress details.