Version 3.02 Release

Version 3.02 was released on 26 September 2015 and includes the following changes:


Dedicated Membership Signup Page

The online booking system now has a dedicated membership signup page that also optionally registers the user on the online booking system.

Click HERE to find out how to use this dedicated membership signup page

The new feature also has its own customisation settings for each of the three steps in signing someone up as a member so that headings and button text can be customised as required.

Click on SETTINGS / CUSTOMER ACCOUNT SETTINGS / MEMBERSHIP to access the customisation fields.



Browser Fixes

Fixes for older versions of IE, Firebox and Chrome browsers have been installed to enable said browser versions to book online with Secure Trading and Paypal merchant services.



Online Bookings Audit Trail

There is now an audit trail for online bookings that displays who has booked and verifies that they have made payment, received an acknowledgement and an invoice has been issued.

Click on SETTINGS / AUDIT TRAIL to access this new feature. You can filter the display by date/time/contact/transaction type and cart ID.

The feature also has a DISPLAY UNINOICED CARTS ONLY checkbox that will display carts where the booking has not been invoiced.

Click HERE for further details on the support site



Home Page Active Membership Summary

The system now displays a summary of active members on the home page, broken down by membership scheme/category.

The new feature can be turned on by clicking on the home page menu and selecting the DISPLAY PAGE OPTION item.   Click on the required option in the MSHIP SUMMARY dropdown list.